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Social Media Measurement

  • Engagement vs. coverage: it is generally agreed that the most important aspect of social media is the quality of the conversation, and not the “coverage.” In other words, when you measure the PR ROI on social media, you need to focus on community and conversation, rather than the  number of mentions. Are people really talking about your brand, are there influencers who carry the conversation? Is the conversation affecting your  brand’s social media presence?
  • Community growth: as an effect of social conversations related to a specific PR campaign, your brand should experience some kind of growth relating to its own social media presence. It is more important this growth is demonstrated through quality of conversations and engagement over numbers  and followers.
  • Through programs we use for Instagram, we can track times of day your followers are most active, what types of posts are most engaging, and of course your quantitative growth. As your social media team, these are summaries we can provide on a monthly basis, and information that will always  be taken into account when developing content for your brand.


  • Counting media placements (quantity): provide media hits as they are received, as well as a quarterly summary of coverage.
  • Assessing the voice (quality): in addition to summarizing the month’s coverage, we will include a brief analysis of the context or tone of the message.

E.g. was the tone positive, negative, or neutral? Will this coverage have a positive impact on their attitude towards your business? Is the media outlet  credible? Do they feature your company exclusively?

  • Viral impact: online, media coverage extends to social media networks, with readers sharing the news, and reacting to them. Are there social mentions surrounding press coverage or events? What is the tone? What are people saying?

PR Reporting

PR is largely a result of ongoing relationship management. Both short and long term coverage impact the overall brand image and business growth.

  • What PR and communications initiatives had the strongest response? What did that response look like?
  • Has your position in the marketplace changed or improved? If so, how?
  • Is there brand loyalty?

Our Goals towards our clients :

We’ve got our eyes set on the big picture here. With thoughtful direction, we’re confident the recommendations we  come up with and executive with you, will achieve these goals and  provoke memorable conversations.

So our top three goals are:

  1. Make them hungry (Marketing Communications)
  2. Use the right ingredients to get noticed (PR)
  3. Feast your eyes (Visual Communications)

What will meeting these 3 Goals achieve?

  • Create a neighbourly refuge or destination within a city.
  • Create strategic, useful and lasting brand partnerships that can be leveraged and translated into bottom line sales.
  • Gain media coverage.
  • Through strong strategy and visuals working closely, side by side, work with the website and social media properties to increase  visibility on the internet (SEO).